Why is everyone using Ankle Straps?

Why is everyone using Ankle Straps?

Resistance training has been on the rise lately, with functional movements strengthening and challenging your body. Ankle straps are a huge part of this kind of exercise, as well as a wide range of pilates exercises. They might sound a bit funny, but they can provide some real benefit. 

Their instructions are pretty straight forward. Strap them onto your ankles comfortably, and connect them to a cable machine or PTP PowerTubes to build your own resistance training system. Try increasing the number of PowerTubes attached to increase the level of resistance.

The possibilities are endless with ankle straps, but here’s 4 exercises to get you started:

Hip Abductors

This will tone your legs and glutes well, provided your form is right. Ensure the cable or PowerTube is at the lowest height and attached to just one leg. Lift that leg straight out to the side until you’re at 45 degrees and keep that stability.

Standing Leg Extensions

A bit tricky at first but as soon as you’re able to stabilize yourself well during this movement, you’ll be toned in no time. Find a good YouTube tutorial and use a mirror to make sure you’ve got the right form. If you need, try holding onto a chair or wall for extra stability.

Lateral Lunges

Lunges are a staple of any leg day but add ankle straps and you have another challenge, control. A wide lunge will challenge you to keep your form, balance, and control over this slow, controlled movement.

Hamstring Curls

Hamstrings are particularly important to exercise since they are a point of common injury. So add this to your routine, and ensure you’re focusing on slow, controlled movements. And remember to bend your knee at 90 degrees to properly contract your hamstring.

These should help get you into the swing of ankle straps, and if you’re still on the hunt for some have a look at PTP Ankle Straps for maximum comfort and adjustability. Give them a go today!

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