Why Mobility is Important for Your Training and Movements

Mobility is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the fitness world, but what does it really mean? When we talk about mobility, we’re talking about joint health. No creaking and cracking, just smooth healthy joint movement with a full range of motion. That’s what you want, to be able to move in different positions all day every day.

But why is it important?

  • It keeps you flexible and ensures you can train with a full range of motion to get the most out of your workouts.

  • It makes you less susceptible to injury since most injuries happen when doing a movement that’s outside of your body's comfort zone or ability.

  • Means you’re less likely to have joint problems in the future!

Sounds good? Then here are some ways you can improve your mobility today:

Stretch before and after working out

Get any stiffness out of your body to avoid getting hurt. Swing around those arms, do some lunges and reach for your toes. Essentially all those funny warmups you did as a kid before PE or sport are actually great for mobility.

Don’t sit for too long!

Sitting down limits movement and can get you all stiff and sore, so stand up every 20-30 minutes for a stretch. Maybe get a standing desk, sit on a core ball instead of a chair, use those bands, just keep moving and you’ll see an improvement.

Keep good posture

Similar to above, posture is key so your joints don’t stiffen up and get you hunched over. Check your posture every now and again because moving won't make much of a difference if you keep going back to hunching over. Or try out our posture brace or posture products if you’d like some extra assistance.

Overall, doing a little every day will make a huge difference because mobility is all about moving! And if you want to check out more products to help you out along your mobility journey have a look at our website!