4 Exercises for Stronger Legs

It’s been said before but we’ll say it again, you can’t skip leg day! Biceps and abs are fun to flex but your legs are what carry your whole body, and no one wants an uneven upper and lower body.


Squats may be one of the more obvious leg day options but that’s for good reason. They sculpt your legs, butt, hips, and abs! Just make sure you get the technique down and then add weight or a Microband for resistance, but always ensure you’re still able to control your movements and pause before pushing yourself up.


Many seem to be scared of the leg press machine because of all it’s horror stories but you can also use Superbands for leg presses. With proper technique there’s no reason to be scared. The thickness of the band can also make a difference in the difficulty, so challenge yourself.


Ready for a challenge? Out of all the exercises, the pistol squat ranks up there as it requires serious strength, mobility, and control. Think 11 out of 10 in terms of difficulty but that doesn’t mean you can’t work your way up to it. Once you’ve mastered it, try it out on our Core Dome for an extra challenge!


These can be quite tricky because single-leg exercises require balance and symmetry on both sides. If you are currently unbalanced, one leg will be more difficult than the other, which is precisely why you need to do this exercise. This will also improve your core stability and hip mobility. Try it with our AquacoreTM!

Give these a shot and remember, don’t skip leg day! To see how you can incorporate PTP products into your leg day, check out our website!