Get Stronger Arms Quicker!

Get Stronger Arms Quicker!

Everyone loves a good arm day, and to be honest, it feels and looks pretty damn good having strong arms! If you have been training but you haven’t been noticing much progress, it might be time for a change.

Biceps and triceps recover quickly since they’re smaller muscles, so it could be that you need to train your arms more often to build that volume or up the challenge with more resistance! Otherwise, you may simply need to switch up your exercises or do ones better suited to focus on arms.

So here are 4 arm exercises to see better results

Bicep Curls

This should be a given because curls are one of the best bicep exercises. The key is in your form, don't swing the weight up and down, and do slow controlled curls for the best results. You could also opt for a preacher curl to really focus on isolating your bicep.

Skull Crushers

The triceps are just as important as the biceps when it comes to arm day, so if you want to get big, try out some skull crushers. These are great for the triceps, especially if you go slow on the way down before powerfully extending your arms. They’re called skull crushers for a reason, so let the fear of being crushed level up your workout and focus on not dropping that weight!


Push-ups are considered the ultimate exercise upper body exercise but especially the arms! This is because you can just keep on going or have so many varying options to increase the challenge. This includes using some PTP bands placed around your upper body and underneath each palm to create more resistance throughout the entire push-up! 

Chin Up

Though many people see this as more of a back workout, it is great for your shoulders and biceps. It may take a bit more time to master but it is definitely worth it. Using your body weight is great for tracking your progress and some of the best athletes in the world swear by it! If you're not quite there yet, use some superbands to get a little help in building that strength.

Get that arm pump today and try these out, hopefully, the results come through in no time! If you want to check out what PTP equipment could help you along your journey check out our website. Literally, most exercises you do in the gym can be done at home with any number of PTP products.

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