Pauline Concha Q & A

Pauline Concha Q & A

Introducing Pauline Concha

We’ve all picked up a jump rope at some stage in our life and realised two things. One, it’s incredibly hard and two, if you do get the hang of it, it’s really rewarding!

That’s why we wanted to chat to Pauline Concha aka Surfcoastjumps who is the most followed jump roper in Australia. Her content brings together athleticism with aesthetics with her skills on-show surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in Victoria.

We talk to her about how she started (hint: only recently), the right way to approach it if you want to get jumping and of course, the fun in staying active and healthy.

Hey Pauline, thanks so much for taking some time out to chat! Can you let us know how old you are, where you live and how long you have been into jump rope for?

Pauline: “Hi, thanks for having me! I’m 30 years old and I live in Torquay, Victoria, hence the name Surfcoastjumps. I started jumping around two years ago at the start of COVID lock-downs in Melbourne.”

Was there a point where it moved past a hobby and into a ‘profession’ or does it feel like it’s still just for fun?

Pauline: “Jump rope is my main hobby outside of full-time work. When I have spare time, I teach jump rope on the side for those looking to learn the basics but for the most part, it’s still something I love to do for fun.”

We read somewhere that you’re the most followed jump roper in Australia on social media. How does it feel? And how long did it take you to get to this stage?

Pauline: “I feel humbled and grateful to have people follow my jump rope journey. I want to encourage as many people as I can to try jump rope as it really is such an underrated exercise. I started sharing my jump rope videos on Instagram around June last year and realised people resonated with positive/ uplifting type content which I loved doing.”

What does it feel like to pull off some of the amazing tricks and routines you put together in your content? Is it a first try thing or multiple attempts and is it just as rewarding?

Pauline: “It feels amazing being able to combine and learn new tricks I once thought were unattainable. The majority of my videos are multiple attempts, especially when including new skills. If I’m completely honest, it does get a little frustrating when it takes longer than anticipated, however it always feels really good when it comes together.”

Do you believe jump rope has kept you fit and healthy? Any idea of the steps or calories you burn during any given session?

Pauline: “Absolutely. I don’t count the steps or calories I burn each session but I feel stronger, fitter and happier since I started jump rope. What I love about jump rope is you can do it at your own pace, do cool tricks while getting a great workout and have the ability to do it anywhere, anytime. I try to fit in around 3-4 jump rope sessions each week for 45-60 minutes including breaks.”

Lastly, any advice out there for casual ‘jumpers’ or those wanting to take it to the next level?

Pauline: “My advice is to learn moves that you enjoy so that you’re always having fun in your sessions. The more fun your sessions are, the more likely it is for you to stay consistent and eventually include them as part of your lifestyle. I also recommend learning a few moves at a time, paying attention to proper form and technique instead of learning 100 moves each month which can be quite overwhelming. You can find inspiration and tutorials from many Instagram accounts such as @rhea.rri, @rush_athletics and @officialjumpropedudes.”

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