4 exercises to achieve a strong core and abs at home

Can’t go to the gym? Try these ab exercises at home!

A strong core is essential for your health and fitness, especially if you want to improve your posture, balance and overall training form. Your core is what stabilises you, but for it to be efficient you’ve got to put it through some training. But don't worry if you can’t make it to the gym because we’re gonna show you how to bring the gym to you.

So here’s 4 exercises you can do to strengthen your core from home, with all the efficiency of a gym!

Grounded Russian twists

By getting the basics of this exercise right you’ll be able to train your core stability and strength at any level you’re comfortable with. Look it up to get your form right, and start with your heels resting on the ground whilst you twist back and forth. As soon as this gets too easy, try raising your heels off the floor or add some weight for a bit of a challenge. You may be used to doing this with a medicine ball in the gym but try out the Aquacore at home. This will challenge your core stability more with the addition of water and you can add as much weight as you feel comfortable with!

Leg raises

These are great to focus on engaging your core and you can do them laying down on your bed! Just make sure to lie down flat on your back and go slow to maintain control. Getting too comfortable? Try switching it up by going even slower when lowering your legs, or when raising them. The slower you go the more you train your core, so give it a shot.


Though some people are divided on this one, as long as you have the correct form it can be very beneficial. Make sure you have your feet flat on the floor, keep your chest up as you sit up, and maintain good control throughout. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! And if you’re finding this too easy, feel free to add weight and hold it above your head. You can use the Aquacore again for this or some resistance bands. Just tie one end of the band to something sturdy behind you, like the leg of your bed or couch, and use the same form. This will challenge you when lifting up and in maintaining control when lowering your body back down.


Ending your workout on a plank is perfect to make sure you’ve given it your all. Keep your butt in line with your body and stay put for as long as you can. Even try timing yourself and consistently work to beat your own record. You can do it from your elbows or on your hands depending on what level of difficulty you want. Just stay focused and stay competitive with yourself!

Give these a go and see how core strength can improve all the different areas of your life! If you wanna take a look at equipment that can bring the gym to you, have a look at PTP’s Aquacore and Medibands for everything you need!