4 Places to Workout That Aren’t the Gym

4 Places to Workout That Aren’t the Gym

Train anytime, anywhere!

Haven’t had time to go to the gym in a while? That’s alright! Winter has us all moving a little slower than normal, the important thing is that we keep moving. Consistent exercise is the key to improving your mood, keeping your muscles and joints strong, and reducing your blood pressure. Just half an hour of cardio everyday can make a huge difference. And to do this, sometimes all we need is a change of scenery to keep things interesting, or just some tips on how to squeeze in some exercise on the go. 

So here’s 4 places to workout that aren’t the gym, and equipment you can bring along! 

Outdoor bars

Those workout machines and bars that you see in your local park are actually a great way to get an outdoor workout into your day. Start off with a light run or cycle around the park to get your blood pumping. Then get creative! Use those bars for pull-ups, a bench for some tricep dips and elevated push-ups, and try out a body weight press or whatever equipment is available. Brave the cold and get some fresh air this way!

The living/study room

The cold got you stuck at home? Why not try a home workout? Find a room with a bit of space, lay down a mat to support yourself, and find a good workout on YouTube. There’s a workout for everyone: yoga for a quick stretch, high intensity to work up a sweat, you can even find workouts that you’re able to do from your bed or desk! Doing something is heaps better than doing nothing, so give it a shot.

A hotel room

If you’ve been running around and realise the hotel you booked hasn’t got a gym, don’t stress. You can still do a quick YouTube workout in your hotel room, or even have a quick cycle or run around this new city. But if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, pack some resistance bands and/or Core Sliders in your suitcase! They take up very little space and can elevate any home workout, making working out on the go heaps easier.

The beach

A good run along the sand is a great way to squeeze in some exercise, especially if you run up and down some sand dunes to increase the difficulty. The beach is also a great spot for some yoga. Lay down a mat, breathe in the sea air, and just focus on that mind-body connection. And if you’re brave enough, go for a swim in the water (between the flags of course)! 

These are just a few ways to help keep your exercise consistent, give them all a go and see what works for you! And if you’d like some equipment to keep up with your lifestyle, have a look at PTP’s performance mat and resistance bands, and see how they can support you in the exercises above!

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