5 Major Benefits To Resistance Training

The more you know right? 

Resistance training really is the whole package when it comes to reward! It can improve countless things about ourselves from our physical appearance to our mental health while offering convenience in its use at home, at the park or in the gym. It can also cater for those just starting out on their fitness journey all the way up to the elite athletes we see on TV. 

How good is it? Here are 5 major benefits of resistance training! 

Improve muscle strength and tone to protect against joint injuries

By introducing any sort of resistance to our training we are further building up our strength and tone. This in turn can help protect joints from injury. No shortcuts either with resistance training offering a challenge from start to finish. Simply put, adding resistance makes our muscles work harder for better results! 

Mental Health

It's easy to get caught up in your day to day life. More emails, more distractions and more scrolling on social media. The best remedy? Get off your butt and into a workout. Well, resistance training with bands is one of the easiest ways to start and complete a workout in as little as 10 to 15 minutes. The results? Blood flowing and heart pumping that'll release lots of good things into the brain and body. One of our favourite quotes, 'Motivation usually begins after you start!'. 

Improve your posture

Without knowing it, we've been sitting at a desk typing away at a laptop for the good part of a day. As the hours pass by, we're more likely to hunch over and round out our shoulders. Over time this can have detrimental effects on our posture. So let's sort that out by strengthening our core, back and shoulders! Resistance training increases our ability to hold tension in our muscles for longer and keep away those pesky effects of a long day at work. 

Enhance your day to day life

While we might be at the gym lifting weights to our heart's content, it's resistance training that offers the most for our day to day lives to gain the most benefits. Why? Resistance training and more specifically resistance bands allow flexibility in training muscles groups. This consistent training across various muscle groups means carrying the shopping, golf clubs or even the kids gets easier and easier. 

Increase your self-esteem

Adding consistent resistance training to your daily, weekly or monthly workouts will mean using those muscles more often and with more effort. There's only one thing that'll happen with that sort of consistent training, and that's results. Feeling those results or better yet seeing those physical results in the mirror means a boost in our self-esteem of how we see and feel about ourselves!

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