5 Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Your Posture

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Your Posture

Let’s get that spine aligned!

Ever feel that soreness in your back and neck and wonder why it won't go away? Chances are that pain stems from poor posture, but it’s not your fault! Our posture is a habit learned over time, but improving it should be a top priority for everyone. Better posture (especially during training) can help reduce pain, avoid injuries, and improve your mood! 

Sounds good? Here’s our top 5 tips and favourite products for improving posture! 

Exercise regularly

Keeping your body active does wonders for your posture. Focusing on workouts for your core are especially helpful, since they are the support muscles in your back and stomach that help you stand up straight. But keep it simple, a quick walk or 10 minute workout every day will also help keep your muscles and joints moving and avoid your spine being stuck in the same hunched position all day.

Stretch it out

A daily stretch will keep you flexible and correct areas of tightness that could worsen your posture. Form is important to avoid straining your muscles, so start easy and work your way up by learning how to correctly do a child’s pose, cat cow, chest opener, and pigeon pose. These all stretch out the back, hips, chest, neck, and shoulder muscles to make it easier to correct posture imbalances. Do these whenever you feel a bit tense, or start your day off on the right foot with 10 minutes of good stretching in the morning!

Wear supportive shoes

Flat comfortable shoes are the key to even weight distribution. They will ensure your backbone lines up and there’s less weight on your knees. Shoes are also crucial when working out or lifting weights, a nice flat shoe will go a long way in avoiding back pain and knee injuries. But what shoe brands are ideal? For lifting, a flat Converse is flat and supportive. Whereas for your daily walking and running, a comfortable ASICS or New Balance is a lifesaver. As long as they feel right for you!

Correct yourself!

Yes it’s difficult, but whenever you notice yourself hunching tell yourself off! Head up straight, shoulders back, put your weight mostly on the balls of your feet, and get your ears in line with your spine. Sounds simple but practice makes perfect. This would be a good time to whip out those stretches, or do a couple simplified ones from your desk! A chest opener is easy to do seated, as well as a torso, forward, and overhead stretch. And when working out, have someone there to correct your form! It’ll go a long way and help you make the most of your workout.

Invest in posture-supporting products

Your posture is worth investing in, and our posture range products are specially designed to train your posture into the correct position without you even realising it. Aligning your shoulders, supporting your lower back and torso, and strengthening your core muscles. It is worth taking a look, and seeing what you can do for your body.

Ready to support your back the way it supports you? Check out the posture brace and posture core seat today! Great products from Posture Range to help support your back during sitting, standing, training, and living!

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