Introducing Our Ambassadors

Introducing Our Ambassadors

 Follow them for tips + tricks!

They say that you are the average of the 5 biggest influences on your life, so who are you following? It’s important to follow people that you aspire to be like and to learn their best tips and tricks to improve your own game. Our ambassadors are passionate about all things fitness, and it’s time we introduce them to you!

Here’s 5 influencers you need to follow now!

Miguel La Cruz (@miguel_la_cruz)

Miguel is a fitness enthusiast that loves everything high intensity! From explosive workouts and boxing, to jump roping and running. He does it all and he’s a huge advocate for PTP. Using our resistance bands with weights, and the MYOXV gun for recovery. Check him out and see if you can keep up!

Matthew Dellavedova (@matthewdelly)

Delly is a professional basketball player for the Australian team. Posting heaps of court shots to keep you inspired, and a podcast to go with it! He loves to train and recover with PTP and does some partnered giveaways with us. A free signed jersey could be up for grabs some time soon again so check him out!

Blayne Wenlock (@movementbyb__)

Blayne is a fitness trainer with great tips on boxing, calisthenics, mobility, and flexibility. He does some truly inspiring training and gets some extra help from our resistance bands. Follow him for workout inspiration and real fitness advice.

Alana McKinnon (@itsalanafit)

Alana is a fitness influencer located in Byron. She does personal training and has heaps of killer leg and glute workouts on her page to work up a sweat. Using our heavy microbands for extra resistance training, she’s a real inspiration and brings us along on her fitness journey. Check her out and try a workout or two!

Jeff Scott (@jeffscottconditioning)

Jeff has all the tips and tricks, especially for a challenging home workout. He teaches everything from strength and mobility, to injury prevention, and heaps more. He loves trying out our products, especially the Aquacore for core stability training. He’s one to look out for, and he’s on Tiktok!

We’re happy to have all of our ambassadors on board and can’t wait for what’s to come. If you wanna have a look at some of the products mentioned, take a look at our website and see what works best for you and your fitness!

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